Electric Survey

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On January 13th, about 400 of our members will be receiving a survey.  This survey is important to create good forecasting models which will be the basis for planning to meet electrical needs in the future.  We would like to encourage all members who receive the survey to fill it out, and we’d like to say a special Thank You to all who help!

Happy New Year!

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In observance of New Year’s Day, our Baudette and Littlefork offices will be closed on January 1.  Both offices will resume normal working hours on Friday, January 2.  Have a safe and happy NEW YEAR!

New Year

High Electric Usage in November

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You know it was cold, but how cold was it? This November’s billing period included 32% more heating-degree-days than average for past November billing periods. Also, this November’s bill is for the calendar month, not October 20th to November 20th. The end of November was downright bitter compared to the last 10 days of October. The milder temps we’ve had the last week should help with your December bill.